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About Us

Our story

Somerville Dental Health was founded in 1981 and has been in its current location since September 1982. Dentists David and Ross Churcher have worked together along with many other assistant dentists over the years.

Somerville Dental Health expanded the building in 1988 to include the 5 clinical rooms and we have extended and totally refurbished the original Somerville National Bank to its present state.

In 1990 Dr Andrei Kostka joined the practice, Dr Darwin Luc joined us in 2014, Mrs Nelly Troch our Hygienist/Therapist joined in 2018 and Dr Gabrielle Tam has been the last to join our practice in 2022. We all work together to achieve the common goal of providing excellent dental care for the whole community.

Local dental care for a broad range of services

At Somerville Dental Health we always strive to offer a broad range of dental services to our community. When we began in 1981 many specialists were only available in Melbourne, so we have worked hard to offer our patients a full range of dental treatment in our clinic. Therefore, we have minimised the need for our patients to travel to have their dental needs met. Our dentists naturally refer to various local specialists when more complex assistance arises. We use quality Australian Dental Laboratories to support our cosmetic and orthodontic requirements.

Ongoing care and professional advice

We see many patients, with good teeth and excellent oral hygiene, who have needed minimal treatment, and we are always delighted to see them! Often they are in the position having restored their teeth and implementing some changes in their diet and home care.

We aim to thoroughly examine your mouth and then recommend treatment to address your needs. There is often a range of options, at various price levels, depending on your treatment requirements.