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Dental fillings are also known as dental restorations and are used to repair damaged teeth, usually as a result of tooth decay. It is important to remember that cleaning and flossing your teeth correctly and visiting us for regular check-ups can prevent decay and avoid the need for fillings.

What happens if I need a filling?

At Somerville Dental Health, we will start by making sure you are as comfortable as possible for your filling and then giving you pain relief to numb the area and make sure you don’t feel a thing.

Then, we’ll remove the decay using a drill and other tools. We clean and dry the cavity and then fill it to return it to its original shape and appearance.

We offer tooth-coloured fillings or ‘white’ fillings in our practice – we rarely ever use Silver amalgam. In our experience, apart from looking unsightly, amalgam fillings often lead to teeth fracturing as the amalgam expands and contracts to a greater degree than does the tooth. Over time this can set up fatigue fractures that can go deeply into the tooth and cause it to become sensitive and even die.

Tooth-coloured fillings

Also known as composite fillings or white fillings, tooth coloured fillings are the latest technology for filling a tooth.

White fillings:

  • use a strong composite bond that binds to your teeth, resulting in a strong but natural looking restoration. It can be colour matched to your teeth.
  • provide a long-term strength without the risk of fracturing the tooth, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing tooth, free from mercury and less susceptible to hot and cold sensitivities.

Tooth-coloured fillings have been used in front teeth for cosmetic reasons for many years and recent improvements have more made them much more affordable.

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