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Our Practitioners

Dr Andrei Kostka

Dr Andrei Kostka - Dentist at Somervillle Dental Health

Andrei Kostka graduated from the University of Sydney in 1986 with Honours. He started working at the Westmead Dental Clinical School as a Dental Officer, initially with the Department of Community Dentistry, which entailed manning mobile equipment. Andrei was also a Clinical Demonstrator to final year students at the University of Sydney in 1988 and 1989. In 1989 Andrei entered private practice in Liverpool in Sydney.

Andrei joined Somerville Dental Health in 1990 as an associate and became a partner in 1992.

Andrei is a member of the Australian Dental Association and a trained Disaster Victim Identifier (Dental). He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, with special interests in:

  • oral medicine
  • relative analgesia (nitrous oxide/laughing gas)
  • preventative and forensic dentistry.

In his spare time, Andrei enjoys skiing (and is an instructor – APSI Level!), surfing and rock-climbing. Andrei has maintained an active involvement within the Victorian Ukrainian community.

Dr Darwin Luc

Dr Darwin Luc - Dentist at Somerville Dental Health

Dr Darwin Luc completed his dental degree at the University of Melbourne, graduating with Honours.

Sharing the same philosophy and dedication in care as Andrei and Ross, Darwin joined Somerville Dental Health in 2014 and soon became a partner in 2019 to continue the ongoing commitment and tradition in providing excellent dental care to the whole community.

Darwin is a member of the Australian Dental Association, and is committed to lifelong learning – being an avid attendee of continuing professional development courses in order to stay up to date with the latest advancements in Dentistry. This ensures that his patients receive the best possible evidence-based care available today. In addition to his existing training in orthodontics, Darwin has pursued further and more in-depth post-graduate training and research in Orthodontics and has completed the Graduate Diploma of Orthodontics with Distinction at James Cook University.

He enjoys practising all aspects of general dentistry, with a special interest in:

  • Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Orthodontics

Darwin understands that seeing the dentist can create significant anxiety for many people, therefore, he strives to create a positive and comfortable environment for every patient he treats, with care that is as gentle and as pain-free as possible. Darwin enjoys spending the time getting to know his patients to understand their needs. He is passionate about working with patients with a comprehensive approach towards achieving their individual oral health goals and attaining a healthy smile for life.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 lovely daughters. They love travelling and sightseeing, whilst experiencing different culinary delights.

Dr Ross Churcher

Dr Ross Churcher - Dentist at Somerville Dental Health

Dr Ross Churcher has been a part of Somerville Dental Health since 1981, originally with his older brother David. As a result of some strong (and at times unpleasant) memories of his experience of going to the dentist as a child, Ross is determined to make his patients’ dental experience as gentle and pain-free as is possible.

Ross is a member of the Australian Dental Association. He enjoys all aspects of practice, with particular interest in:

  • cosmetic/aesthetic treatment
  • orthodontics
  • implant dentistry.

Over his career, new procedures have constantly been evolving. This has made being a dentist a very satisfying and challenging profession for Dr Churcher.

Ross still finds his greatest enjoyment is from assisting people to take charge of their oral health, catching problems early and over time, creating a sound and stable level of dental health. For most people, once this is achieved with high-quality restorations and with good home care and diet, only occasional minor maintenance is usually required. He finds this especially satisfying when it has allowed a formerly nervous patient to overcome their fear, gain confidence and trust so as to then come along happily to maintain their health year after year.

Outside of work, Ross is, with his wife, a keen cyclist, snow skier and ocean sailor and the proud father of 2 lovely daughters.

Mrs Nelly Troch

Hygiene Therapist/Hygienist